Camp Can Be ​As Beneficial To You As It
​Is To Your Dogs!

With the launch of Vermont Canine Adventures, I am fulfilling a life-long dream. I have been preparing for the start-up by working with my three dogs. Even with all the training I've given them in the past. I've seen significant improvements in their behavior when we go on regular hikes. They are stimulated in a balanced way, not only do they get the physical exercise they need but also the much needed mental exercise! My dogs are happier, more relaxed, less needy, and far more confident! These improvements have definitely made me more happy and relaxed as well!

I know from talking to friends and clients who live out in the country and work long hours, often a distance from their homes, how hard it is for them to get their dogs to day care or provide enough exercise and mental stimulation for their dogs.

This is where I can help! I will pick up and drop off your dogs at your home and give them lots of opportunities for running, playing, learning, exploring, and having fun! A place where dogs can be dogs!

For your peace of mind, and your dog's health and happiness, consider Vermont Canine Adventures!

Adventure Camp For Dogs & Dog Training Services In Monkton, VT

On Leash / Off Leash Dog Walking And Dog Camping Services In New Haven, VT

Dog Walking Services In Monkton, VT

Dog Camp

Does your dog need extra exercise/socialization/mental stimulation? Do you

work long hours? Work from home? Have a super energetic dog? Just don't have enough time? Want your dog to live a happy fulfilled life and have lots of dog friends?! If you answered yes to any of these questions then let us help! See below for more information. 

Leashed Dog Walking Services In New Haven, VT

Off Leash Recall

Does your dog need a refresher course on coming when asked? Are you not sure if your dog would be a good fit for camp because they need help with their recall?  We can help! We use force-free and positive methods to teach your dog to come when you ask them to. 

Off Leash Dog Walking Services In New Haven, VT

Dog Training

We can help you with:

- Puppy care

- Basic manners

- Polite greetings 

- Leash walking

- Teaching cues (sit, down, off, place, come, leave-it, etc)

- Fun activities

Dog Camp Services In New Haven, VT

Special Requests

If you’re not sure that your dog is ready for camp or you have a special idea of how you’d like your dog to spend time when you’re not available, contact me and we can customize a plan specific to you and your dogs needs!

If you’re not sure that your dog is ready for camp or you have a special idea of how you’d like your dog to spend time when you’re not available, contact me and let’s see what we can work out!


2+ Hours Of Off-Leash Adventure For Dogs

2+ hours of off-leash adventures! 

Dogs are off leash and get to enjoy all the benefits of socializing in a pack dynamic. We bring the dogs to fun, friendly environments for them to get their much  needed daily physical and mental exercise , this is a time for the dogs to run, walk, jump, frolic, explore, play, swim and learn. Dog Camp is for friendly dogs that are reliable off-leash and get along with other dogs, people and children. Because there is a small number of dogs in each pack the dogs get to form stronger bonds with their pack mates who they get to see every week. We also work on basic obedience such as sit stays and recall.  All of this helps work on self control and build their confidence. Dogs are taught to pack walk (follow behind the pack leader)  in addition to being granted free play and exploring time on each hike. 


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    Mental stimulation
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    Meet new friends
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    Explore the great outdoors
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    Builds self confidence
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     Fun Fun Fun
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    We return your dog happy and tired


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    Your dog must be friendly with other dogs, people and children.
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    Excellent recall skills.
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    Be up to date on all vaccinations and flea/tick preventative.
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